Here are some examples of what people have kindly written about the Universal League Manager.

Andrew Saltmarsh – Tasmania (March 2020)


While it may not be Live, it is the simplest piece of Software for scoring matches, Players and Team Pictures, tracking Team / Player Payments, adding notes, the List goes on what you can do.

With this COVID-19 we had to make our Billiards Roster not play the Last Games and yes while we could have just left up the Ladder and Finals as is, we wanted to remove those Games and the hopefully start Finals as currently set down - 3 Clicks (Yes 3 Clicks and 2 Minutes) and we had changed everything and also uploaded the Final Ladder and Finals to our own Website.


If you do not need the Live Scoring I suggest once you are up and running again you check it out as the capabilities you can do are amazing and it can be used for multiple sports (8Ball, Snooker, Billiards, Darts - the list goes on)

Colin Higginson - Alsager Pool League (May 2017)

What I love about this software is the ease with which the website is created.

It’s the best £40 I spend annually for the league as it helps me so much managing the data.


Simon - Trowbridge and District Pool League (August 2016)

The Universal League Manager is a great piece of software to use and the Trowbridge and District Pool League have used it for a number of years now. The software can be easily adapted to suit the running of any League’s needs and is an extremely versatile program. There is also a fantastic support service from the software’s developer on hand at all times to help with any problems.


Tony Cannan – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (November 2012)

I have been using Jason’s RedSeal ULM now for two (2) years and find it absolutely great, easy to use & even easier to update your weekly records and everything you could need in the one package. Jason’s after sales service cannot be faulted, if I have a problem, just send him an email and next morning the answer is there in the inbox. Probably the best thing about the program is that the players can easily navigate through the comprehensive menu’s and although many players say Stats don’t count, after using this program you find out just how much they do, players love to see their name on the website. If you want a program for your sporting team, believe me this is the program you want.

Cheers from Down Under – Tony Cannan


Terence Guymer, Bedfordshire, England (March 2012)
After using this software for over a year, it is the easiest software and I have never come across any faults with the software.
I would strongly recommend this software to any other league that has not got it.


Tony Tydeman, Weston Super-mare, England (Sept 2009)

Hi Jason, Any league who doesn't use your program has got to be crazy.


Ian Bennett, Barnsley, England (Oct 2008)

Hi Jason, just thought I would drop you a line I have now been using your software for 4 months for the Barnsley Snooker Association, may I take this moment to compliment you on such a brilliant program, it has saved me hours of paper work because all I have to do now is press a few keys & everything is there, well worth the money, excellent.


Andrew Saltmarsh, Tasmania, Australia (May 2008)

Great software, easy to use, I am using it for two different cue sports, 8ball and snooker and I upload the results and all the players stats to the web each week and the players love to be able to keep track of who is doing what and what they are doing, and it makes the secretary's job so easy in keeping all this information in one place.

You can keep players details, contact numbers, captains etc all in the one easy place to find, saves setting up in an excel spreadsheet or spending time setting up databases

Once you have all the information required to run your roster you simply go to the enter results page in the program and it takes me about 15 minutes to enter results for 24 teams, once I have entered this information I hit generate web pages and from that I get ladders for each division, player stats, team score sheets so you can actually see the score sheet from that weeks matches and heaps of other information, like highest breaks for snooker etc

The other great thing about this software is 1 the price, very cheap for what it actually does and secondly the programmer Jason is always there to help with anything that might be required for your association, this would not be an easy job as all over the world we play different formats of the game, but I believe Jason has most bases covered and great after hours service, you normally get a reply within 1 day of submitting your enquiry, try that with some of the other software you buy on the web

Keep up the great work Jason!!


Brian Robinson, Birmingham, England (May 2008)

I have been a user now for a few years and the software is the best thing I ever purchased.

After spending years running leagues around the Country and of coarse the hard way, Pencil & paper then a basic excel programme this League Software has saved me numerous amount of hours.

My league at present is 36 teams strong and all I do is spend half an hour per week updating the results and that it. Uploading the results to the Web and that gives me plenty of time to go back to the pub for another pint. 

All I am going to say is, if you run a league and you want an easy life doing it then this is the programme for you. Don't think about the initial cost as it pays for itself and then after the first year it becomes even cheaper, as I look at it, only 50p per week and you can’t get a lot for that nowadays.

I would like to say that Jason is always at hand if you have a problem and he is always on the ball regarding any updates to the programme and even open to suggestions that might suit your sport.

Marc Burnett, Surrey, England (April 2008)
Just playing around with this RedSeal software, have to say first impressions, very, very slick. Only creates simple tabular HTML data, but it can be incorporated into a site by simply embedding it within an iframe.

With minimal fuss, I created teams, venues, player lists, match results etc. From there it works out all the statistics and league placements on it's own.

Also, by embedding the data within a frame, your League Secretary can simply update the RedSeal data to his own webspace, and you simply link to it from within the iframe, retaining the look of your site, yet allowing updates from a Secretary with zero web skill.
Like it a lot. RedSeal software is highly recommended.

Check out the way it loads a Map when you click on the Venue name. Nice touch.


Stan Robinson, Surrey, England (April 2008)
Guildford has had 2 new secretaries since I retired as secretary and although both had never correlated results & stats before they both found this very easy to use.
It also has team, singles, doubles & plate KO's facilities to name a few.


Owen Durbridge, Newtown, Wales (Sep 2007)
I have been involved in running Pool Leagues for 35 years and over the latter part of that period have examined and used several pieces of management software, and have also developed my own, although rather crude, databases. I decided to have a look for something that was Windows based (rather than DOS like my favourites programme) and which would satisfy the demanding requirements of my League. I found Redseal and was immediately impressed with the fact that it was dedicated to Pool administration and not a re-hash of another sporting system. It was also developed thoroughly and was compiled by someone with experience in actually running a league. I was shocked to find that nearly all I wanted was instantly available, but the icing on the cake was being able to speak directly to the compiler with the questions I had, as well as getting near instant replies from email enquiries. Jason, the compiler, is extremely patient and obliging and provided some immediate upgrades to satisfy some of my requirements.

I can heartily recommend this software, but more importantly, I can advocate working with Jason for his knowledge, his obliging nature and his infinite patience whilst you get familiar with the intricacies of the system.

A first class product at an extremely reasonable price which does all I need and is very easy to use.


Greg Dingle, Queensland, Australia (Feb 2007)
Mate, this is one of the BEST software programs I have every seen, and I have been downloading demo's for 7 years. Just enter the teams and venues plus the players, all so easy. Even does the payments.


Rob Hicks, Cornwall, England (April 2004)
I have used a view programs to try and help me with my pool league. In the end I decided to buy this one. The best money I have spent. It did everything simply and quickly. £70 might seem a lot - However when you see what this software can do it's well worth it. If there was a negative point - We score a point per frame and two points for a win which I cannot make the system do, but to add a couple of scores together compared with the previous paper and pen method I now have plenty of time to practice my pool!!!!


Kevin Hudson, Middlesborough, England (Jan 2003)
Excellent product saves a lot off time and lets you have a life away from pool books.


Tony Tydeman, Weston Super-mare, England (Nov 2002)
I have found this to be an excellent piece of software, developed by a very helpful and friendly person. I would recommend it to anyone, as it has saved me hours of work.