Key features of the Universal League Manager

Key features of the software include the following:


Create a League (or round-robin competition) with up to 48 Divisions of 48 teams, with teams playing each other up to 12 times

Generate fixtures (with partner teams that will not play at home at the same time, even across divisions with different number of teams).

Complete website creation at the touch of a button. First view it locally then use the inbuilt upload manager to show the world. No coding skill required. The website can be accessed from any device (desktops, tablets and phones) and can include sponsors logos.

Web pages can be created in any colour and with any style and so can be integrated or embedded seamlessly into an existing design

Email league members with tables, stats and other league news

Track outstanding matches and assign dates to rescheduled matches

Track individual performances and track performances in doubles and/or as part of a doubles pairing

Track bonus points, such as break and clear in Pool, 100+, 180's and high checkouts in darts or high breaks and ton+ in snooker

Track player of the match (MVP) and/or track fairest players

Define venues with addresses, contact details, websites, social media and map links

Remove or reinstate (e.g. after an appeal) teams or players from any point in the season

Track team payments and fines, track sponsorship payments and track player registration payments

Knockouts can be team, individual, doubles or trebles (either straight knockouts or user defined)

All knockouts can, if required, be redrawn each round and the 'best of/first to' can change for each round

The software is very flexible with several in-built options, covering most situations

Built in context sensitive help

And so much more. Evaluate the software for free

Although this program was originally designed with Pool Leagues in mind, there are few reasons why it cannot be used for many other type of League or round-robin competition.

The software has already been, or can be, used for:

Ø      8 Ball Pool, 9 Ball Pool, 10 Ball Pool, Staight Pool, Billiards, Bar-Billiards, Bagatelle, Snooker

Ø      Darts

Ø      Dominoes

Ø      Cards (general), Poker, Bridge

Ø      Bat and Trap

Ø      Ten-Pin Bowling

Ø      Tennis, Squash, Bagminton, Football, Hockey, Rugby


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