Has your league started?


Your league may have started; but did you know you can still use the software?

Most League Secretaries that purchase this software do so prior to starting a league. The software is then used in the traditional way to generate the fixtures for the forthcoming season. If the league fixtures have already been published you will not want to use this software to regenerate the fixtures you are using. If you do regenerate the fixtures there is little chance they will match the published fixtures.

To continue with the new fixtures you would have to enter results haphazardly into different weeks and lose a lot of the tracking features (for example outstanding matches).

However, help is at hand.

If you want to use this software with an already generated set of fixtures just send RedsealSW your team names and fixtures and RedsealSW will generate a league that matches your fixtures. (You can also send extra information like player names, but it is not a necessary). If your league is already underway then feel free to also send in any results.

Please send the information in either an .xls (excel) or a .txt (text) file. Please click here for a sample file.

So, is does not matter if your season is about to begin or has already begun. You can still try before you buy.