Access your league database from anywhere

If you want to update your league results, or indeed anything in the database, on your home PC and on a laptop in a meeting and maybe even on your work PC, simply store the database on the cloud and access it as if it were a folder on your home PC. 

To do this:

  • Download and install Dropbox from on all required devices (PC's and laptops).
  • Set a username (email address)
  • Set a password
  • Repeat the installation process for all required devices

After installation, you should end up with a 'Dropbox' folder on your device.

This folder will be automatically synchronised with the copy of the folder in the cloud (the on-line copy).  If you store your ULM database in this folder you will be able to access it as normal, on any of the devices you installed Dropbox to. 

Note: As the database cannot handle multiple users at the same time please ensure that the database is closed after using it on one device, before opening it up on another device.


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