Evaluate the ULM

The evaluation software is the same as the full software but will only allow results to be entered for the first two match sessions (and it is also restricted to 2 divisions of 10 teams).

To evaluate the software, please click here to download an executable file for installation.

When this file has been downloaded please run the file with administrator privileges. To do this you may need to go to your downloads area, right click on ULMFullSetup.exe and then select 'Run as administator'.

The default language for the installation is English. However, it can also be installed using Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish.

Antivirus software and windows defender can stop your download and/or stop the download from running.


For a detailed guide please click here

In brief,

In AVG, Click on Antivirus, Select Menu, Select Settings, Select Exceptions

On the File path tab, Enter http://www.redsealsw.com/sw/* in the box "(enter file path)"
Click Add, Click OK

On the Urls tab, Enter www.redsealsw.com* in the box "(enter address)"
Click Add, Click OK

You also might need to add the filepath and filename in your downloads area, eg

If your settings are not quite right then the install file might be moved to quarantine.
Just go to the quarantine area and restore it.

For Windows Defender

After downloading and running (please run in admin mode),
you may get the following message from Windows Defender SmartScreen

Windows protected your PC
Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.
Application: ULM0118Setup.exe
Publisher: Unknown publisher

Please select "Run anyway"