Software for running leagues, round robin and knockout tournaments

Redseal Software produces the Universal League Manager, league management software for running leagues and knockout tournaments.

Ever asked how to create team fixtures? Well here is the solution.

The league software can be used for a round-robin tournament (where each player/team plays every other player at least once). The software may be used for most sports, including the following: Pool, Billiards, Bar-Billiards, Snooker, Darts, Dominoes, Chess, Poker, Bridge, Cribbage,Ten-Pin Bowling, Squash, Netball, Football and Quiz leagues.

The Universal League Manager (ULM) can also produce a complete league website (either standalone or for embedding into an existing site) with a sitemap to aid SEO. Define your own website, starting with one of the predefined style templates. Then add your own adjustments (match sheets, player lists, venues, colours, boarders etc). The only limit is your imagination. It looks professional  and it's all ad-free.

Why not download the evaluation software and try it for free.

The ULM differs from other league management systems in that it is PC/Laptop based rather then web based; it's operation is not reliant on a link to the internet.


The Universal League Manager has several advantages over other web based league management solutions available. Here are some of them:

  • Smart fixture generation
  • It takes only a few minutes (for a large league) from inputting match results to generating league tables and form guide.
  • A little more effort gives player stats (singles, doubles, break and clear, play of match and much more if required)
  • Easy to navigate for team matches and individual player stats.
  • Team photos and individual photos can be added automatically to player stats, match sheets and knockouts (and lots more too).
  • The knockout/tournament draw system allows several types of draw (manual, random, byes at the start, random or at the end, and other user defined draw types).
  • The website generated is hosted where you, the user, wants to host it (rather than through a third party you have no control over) and so you can display your own sponsors and hence promote those sponsors by driving traffic their way. You have control over your adverts (if you wish to have adverts).
  • Social media integration.
  • And top quality support.


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