Sample league and round-robin fixtures

The fixtures on the following pages have been generated by the Universal League Manager software available on this site.
Please feel free to copy and use these fixtures for either a league competition or for a round-robin competition.

In each case, for every team there is a paired team that has opposite fixtures. This means all teams can have a B team that has different home and away fixtures.
Note: These are fixture lists at their most basic. The fixture generator in the league software also provides for fixtures flipping and single league table/board/pitch rotation.
The following pages are provided for two reasons,
firstly as examples of the fixtures the league software will generate,
and secondly to provide help to league secretaries that currently do not wish to purchase the software.

The league software can generate fixtures for up to 40 teams in a division (and up to 32 divisions). However, only fixtures for up to 20 teams are shown on this site. If you want other  fixtures please contact RedsealSW with your requirements and fixtures will be generated and emailed back free of charge.


Obviously if two teams play on the same table/board/pitch then they must have fixtures that are opposite each other (when one team is at home, the other, paired team, is away).  When generating fixtures these paired teams need to be dealt with first. After these are dealt with it is worth bearing in mind that it might be worth pairing up other teams (they don't need to be told about this). For example, if two pubs/clubs in the same street have one team each, pair them up. Firstly, there will then only be one match in that street on a match night and secondly, if one of the venues has to close for a few weeks for, lets say refurbishment, then the matches can still go ahead at the other venue. Maybe this is going too far, but it's just an idea worth bearing in mind.


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