Jason Davies started designing and producing the Universal League Manager in 1997 to aid the running of the Medway 8-Ball Pool League, for which Jason was secretary of for 10 years. (The software was called Pool_lg; it only changed to Universal League Manager in May 2008.)

Initially two other league secretaries also started to use it, Ivor Powell who ran the Walsall Pool League and David Mawhinney who ran the Isle of Sheppey Pool League. David asked Jason to incorporate a change so an away win received more points than a home win, as that is what they did on Sheppey. Upon seeing this change Ivor thought it was a good idea and introduced it to the Walsall League. This was just the start. Other leagues began to use it and it soon became more complex as Jason and others kept asking for it to do more and more.

Jason was surprised that there was no software out there already that could do what the Universal League Manager could do. All there seemed to be was an abundance of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases, neither of which provided a complete solution to the problem of planning, managing and running a league or knockout. In addition these required the league secretary be quite competent with a PC. The Universal League Manager has been developed to be as user friendly as possible and you don't have to be a Microsoft Professional to use it.

Currently the Universal League Manager is used to run Pool, Snooker, Darts, Dominoes and Billiards leagues. Just have a look at the League section for some real examples.

It can also be tailored, by the user, for many other sports like Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Basket Ball, Skittles etc.

Please also have a look at the testimonials page to see what other people think of the software.

It has made the job of those involved in planning, running and managing leagues much easier. This may sound a bit bold but, in some cases, the use of this software has been truly life changing.

Constructive feedback and comments with a view to making the Universal League Manager as useful as possible are welcome. Please make contact if you have any comments.