FAQ What can the software do

1. Will this software work on the latest Windows platform? Yes. The software is fully tested on Windows 10.

2. Are there any major updates to the software planned for the future? Yes. You can view the major ones by looking at the future updates section on this site.

3. Can I change the name of the bonus points? Yes. A pool league may call this "Break and clear" or a darts league may call this "Ton+" or "Throws". All the bonus points can be renamed to suite your requirements.

4. Can I change the name of league tables? Yes. If you are in Australia you may want to use the phrase "Ladder".

5. How can I change the name of a division? Select Initial Options from the League menu and then click on the Names/Frames tab.

6. How can I change the number of frames in a match? Select Initial Options from the League menu and then click on the Names/Frames tab. Use the Copy first division settings command button to set the number of frames, reserves and the session length in all the other divisions to the same value as the first division.

7. Can I add new players to a team while entering a match result? Yes. Just press the Edit players command button for either the home or the away team.

8. Can I copy teams and players from one season to another? Yes. When creating a new season there is the option to do this. However, you can also paste the player data from one season into a text file and then read the text file into a new season. This is done by selecting Lists from the Players menu and clicking on the paste button. Then open WordPad and paste the data. The WordPad document must them be saved as a text document. Then open the new season and select Import from file…from the Players menu.

9. Can I substitute a player in a match? Yes. Select the player that is being substituted (the background will go red) and then click on the substitute.  

10. Can I keep a note of substitutes that do not actually play in a match? Yes. Just add their names in the boxes provided for substitutes. They will then count as attended the match, even though they did not play.

11. How can I keep track of which teams have sent in a result sheet? On the match entry form simply click Received next to the team's name. A list can be obtained by selecting Results not received from the Reports menu.

12. How can I show player registration numbers on match sheets? Select League Options from the League menu and click the Averages tab. Then check the Show reg numbers box.

13. Can I print a team invoice for registration fees owed by that team? Yes. Select Lists from the Players menu and then select the required team. Then select the Invoice menu.

14. How can I display knockout results so the final is shown at the top of the screen? You can set the HTML output to be generated in the reverse order. You can also generate a HTML grid format for knockouts.

15. How can I remove the league title from a web page? Select Report Options from Reports menu and then check the Disable Header box.

16. How can I create mailing labels for venues, contacts and team captains? Select Lists from the Players menu and then select the subset of players required (e.g. Captains). Then press the paste button and all the information required is copied to the PCs paste buffer. It can then be pasted into a desired application for formatting. Currently this cannot be done automatically but it is intended to incorporate a mail merge facility in the future.

17. What is the difference between a team captain and a team contact? For most leagues there is no difference. However, the team contact can be through of as the manager who gets and distributes all information and the captain is the person that organisers the players on the match night. This can be useful as not all captains may have access to the Internet or email and so the contacts can be used. If the captain does have email then the captain can also be the contact.

18. Do I need to make my website look the same as the website that the program produces? No. Select Report Options… from the Reports menu and you will find plenty of options for changing fonts, colours and even adding pictures to the background. There is no reason why the main page that is produced cannot be disregarded in preference for a better-designed main page. Just add the links to the files.

19. Can I track 8 Ball clearances? Yes. Select League Options from the League menu and click the Averages tab. Then check the Track bonus points box. This can be used to track high breaks in snooker or throws darts. There are plenty of other bonus tracking options as well.

20. Can I track the team frame that teams in my league play? Yes. Select League Options from the League menu and click the Averages tab. Then check the Track extra (Captains) frames box. Although this is called Captains it can be used to track a team frame or beer leg if required. This can, if desired, be added the frame to the overall team score.

21. I run a singles league. Can I make the individual payments end before the end of the season? Yes. Select League Options from the League menu and click the Payments tab. Use the horizontal scroll bar to change the last payment week. This will aid in the collection of payments and the allocation of prize money.

22. Can you tell me how I can generate a list of over 50's or U21's etc? Select Lists from the Players menu and then select the required age group from the Select menu.

23. Can I get a list of everybody's birthdays? Select Lists from the Players menu and then use the horizontal scroll bar to locate the column headed DOB. (The DOBs must be entered in thre first place, or copied from another league or previous season.)

24. Can I create my own colour scheme for a website? Yes. There are several schemes aleady available that provide a good start; then you can refine your chosen scheme. This possibilities are endless.

25. Can I put notices on to the website? Yes. These can even scroll and flash for attention.

26. My uploading to my website has just stopped working. Why is this? If you have previously uploaded successfully and now you are experiencing problems uploading, this may be because the website is down or your modem/router needs resetting. If the website is up as usual, try turning your router off for a few minutes and even turn your PC off. Then turn it all back on and try uploading again. A common cause of internet related problems is a router that has been left on for weeks and just needs a reboot. Sometimes the on/off switch is the best solution.

27. A player played when they should not have played. Let me explain:

Last Sunday in one match (which ended 5-5) an away team player played in both doubles frames which is not allowed in our rules (for our 10 frame matches – 8 singles and 2 doubles).

In the first frame his team lost but they won the second. What I wanted to do was void the second frame in which the error occurred and treat it as a 5-4 win to the home team which seemed the fairest way around this problem. However, when I entered this result I noticed that it showed up in red in the results box and see that this is treated as an invalid result. The Help page suggests this is possible, but I noticed that, although the additional “win” and “loss” appeared correctly for the respective teams,

no frame points were awarded to either. Is there no way around this? As far as I can see the only other way would be to deduct a point from the team that infringed the rules and this would effectively provide the points I want to show, BUT both teams would still end up being credited with a draw which could have implications at the end of the season if the table is tight.

The answer: Go to League options and then select the points tab. Then click on "Refine match points". Then make 5-4 a valid result. Also, make sure the "Points refined" box is checked.

28. How do I add the date of a knockout round to the html for that knockout?

First insert the date in the dates form (which you have done). Then click on the date in the dates form, and select Associate KO.

Select the knockout and select the round, and click Confirm. The title of the date will go red to show it is associated with a knockout. Remember, press the save button.

Go to the knockout results form and press the html button to view the knockout report in html. The associated date will appear in the header bar.