Universal League Manager

Probably the most comprehensive league management software available.


There are many software packages available to aid in the running of leagues. Generally these are free but cost outrageous amounts to administer.

For example £2.50 per week for hosting plus a per-player fee of 10p per week. This cost can mount up very quickly. Imagine a league of 40 teams in 5 divisions. 14 weeks @ £2.50 = £35. And this ignores spare weeks and cup weeks. If each team has 6 players, 14 weeks * 6 players * 10p * 40 teams = £336 Add the normal one off set up fee and we get a cost of around £400 for a fairly modest league. And this cost can quite easily double.

Other packages appear to be free, until you realise the amount of advertising that comes with them. Typically you can end up paying £50 per division per year to remove the unwanted adverts, plus another £50 for the adverts to be removed from the main page. For a typical 4 division league this will cost £250pa.

This software has a one off cost for the first year of only £50 (was £70) and then £40 per year thereafter.

The web pages generated by the ULM can be hosted anywhere you choose for as little as you choose, often nothing. Please remember though, while web hosting can be offered, it is a separate cost to the software.