Website recommendations

There are several options in the software for creating league websites in different ways. The best way, for size of file (affects both uploading and downloading) and ease of administration, is outlined below.


Lets consider a league that runs over more than one season, as most do. This might be one long winter season, followed by another winter season, or a winter and then a summer season. Whichever it is, it would be nice if the current season does not overwrite previous seasons. Lets allow players to see past seasons. With that in mind it is best to create each season in a new folder and just point to those folders from the main site.

For example,

Winter 2016 could be uploaded to

Summer 2017 could be uploaded to


The HTML code to add to the main site would look like this:

<a href=''>Winter 2016</a>

<a href=''>Summer 2017</a>

When a user clicks on a link on the main site (that appears like Winter 2016) they will be redirected to the index file within the folder (don't worry how this works, the ULM produces the index file and the server does the redirection bit).


If file optimisation is not set then filenames will be prefixed with an abbreviated version of the name of the league and teams or players will have their names in full. If optimisation is selected then the filenames will be considerably shorted, as shown in the following example for a league named "Tunmore Summer Pool League 2016".



No optimisation





List of matches



A player record



Shorter filenames also means hyperlinks to those files will also be shorter, resulting in a smaller files. Smaller files mean quicker uploading and, more importantly, quicker downloading for a player who wants to view results.

Which options

The options to select are as follows:

On the Website creation form:

select the Main tab. Then select "Separate index pages"

select the Files tab. Then select "Optimise filenames". Also selecting lower case and no separator is a good idea.

Also select "Generate in unique folder"

On the Upload Manager form:

select the FTP settings tab. Enter a folder name in the sub folder field. e.g. lg/sum17


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