Create a league

So the season has ended and you want to create a new season.

If everything is the same, in terms of number of teams in the same number of divisions, then the best thing to do is use the "Create new season" function. All the settings (number of frames, points per win....) are copied over. There is, of course, a chance for promotions and relegations. All the colours, fonts and website settings are copied over. The only thing not copied (for security reasons) is the password for uploading.

If things are not the same (extra teams meaning bigger divisions, or extra divisions, or fewer teams) then it is easier to start from scratch by creating a new league. Just go ahead as before and create a league with the required number of teams in the required number of divisions.

Please make sure at this stage your team names are exactly the same (for the teams that are the same). This is important if you want to transfer players from your previous league. You can always change the team name later.

After creating the new league most settings, and lots of data (players names and details, venue names and details) can be imported (copied over) from the previous league. Use the Import menu (it's in the tools menu) to import terminology, match template, website creation settings, upload settings, scripts, notices, venues, commitee. Most things can be copied over; please see the actual software for more information.

After importing player names then rename teams (perhaps add an A as there is now a B team). Also, if you import venues you will have to associate the teams with the venues again.