Downloading a league

If RedsealSW create a league for you you will receive it (in an email) as a link to an uploaded zip file.
Use the following to guide you through the process of receiving the email through to running the league.

Step 1

Select zip file in email

First right click on the hyperlink of the zip file.
This will bring up a box similer to that shown on the right.
Move the mouse pointer over "Save target as..." and left click.

Step 2

Download the zip file

Use the Save As dialog box to navigate to a folder on your PC.
A good folder to use is Documents\Leagues.
Then click Save.

Step 3

Open the folder

Once downloaded, click Open Folder.

Step 4

Select the zip file properties

Right click on the zip file to bring up options siminar to above.
(The options will vary from PC to PC.)
Find the Properties option (usually at the bottom) and left click.

Step 5

Unblock the file

If Unblock is visible, click it.
Then click Apply, followed by OK.
If Unblock is not there, ignore this step and just click OK.

Step 6

Extract the database

Right click the Zip file again.
This time select Extract Here.

Step 7

Run the Universal League Manager

Run the UniversalLeagueManager using your preferred method.
Click File, then Open.
Navigate to the folder you unzipped the file into.
Select the file and left click Open.
The software should now be running on your newly unzipped league database.