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New, more intuitive method of league creation


Customise form for different sports and countries


Auto creation of league rules from info defined in ULM


Addition of 'one touch' create website and upload new files.


Addition bonus points (to facilitate extra stats for darts, e.g. throws and 180s).


Allow match points for a 0-0 (e.g. a no-score draw in football).

Leslie Jn Baptiste

Addition of Chroma Key style defaults for streaming

Greg Dingle

Allow placing of bye’s manually, can allow free weeks within a season for separate cup games etc

Jason Stokes

Allow multiple divisions with differing numbers incorporating different start/end dates by division, avoiding bye’s in smaller divisions.

Jason Stokes

Iain Gillis

KO double elimination format.

Paul Bell, Tony Cannan, Andrew Saltmarsh

Tracking of doubles in normal league matches.

Alan Cocking, Dave Norris, Graham Farmer, Kim Edwardes, Lee Grout, Marco Westrik, Mathew Melksham, Paul Bell


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