Transfer to a new PC or new laptop

To transfer the UniversalLeagueManager to a new PC or a new laptop, please follow these instructions:

1) Copy the following files to a folder on the new PC

  • UniversalLeagueManager.exe (this is the actual software or executable file)
  • UniversalLeagueManager.chm (this is the help file)


Do not copy the files generated by the ULM (HTML files, CSS files) as it is better if these are regenerated later.

2) Create a subfolder called "Leagues" (without the quotes) and copy any league databases that are required (these will have a .mdb extension) from your old PC into this subfolder.

3) Download and intall the evaluation version. This will install and register the library/system files onto the new PC that are required for the UniversalLeagueManager to run correctly.

4) Run UniversalLeagueManager. No league will be read in at this stage. Go to the file menu and select Open. Navigate to the folder "Leagues" and then select your league database file. The software should now run and you can enter results and update league tables and player stats as before.

5) When a league is read in subfolders will be created (Downloads, Images, Pics and Profiles). At this stage please copy over any files that were in these subfolders on the old PC. Make sure they go in the same folders. It can be easier to just copy over the four folders in their entirity.

6) Run the website creation and then run the upload manager. All should work as it did on the old PC. If not please contact RedsealSW. A screenshot of the problem may be useful.