The aim of the Precious Metals software is twofold:

  • Monitoring the current price of future/desired purchases
  • Monitoring the current worth of your PM collection/stack (optional)

It is PC based rather than web based. Hence it is private. No information is uploaded or collected by web crawlers or other nasty information gathers.


Future purchases


This is easier to determine than the worth of your current collection. It is simply the amount you will pay from a dealer today. Obviously you could probably buy cheaper privately, but for consistency looking at the price from various dealers is easier. 

Set your goals and allow the software to tell you how much it will currently cost you to achieve your goals.


Current collection/stack


So, what is your current hoard of PM's worth? Simply, it is how much someone is prepared to pay you for what you are selling. 

There is no real way of determining what your PM’s are actually worth at a given point in time. What this software attempts to do is to provide a consistent way to give an estimate of the worth. The adopted way is what it would cost you (excluding things like postage) if you were to buy each coin/bar/round from a dealer today.

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